And the journey comes to an end…

I truly cannot believe this, but I’m finally graduating from college. I never thought this day would come, honestly. Even though I’m graduating a semester early, it still feels like it’s been a seriously long ride here at my university.

To all of those that feel like college will never end, no matter your year, just take a second and enjoy the time that you have right now. Believe me, I felt the same way and now I’m here… one week of my undergrad left and filled with bittersweet feelings.

I do not have any regret within me whatsoever, but I do have some thoughts on my experience for those that might feel the way I did or are just curious.

1. I definitely don’t regret staying in those nights.

I have had my fair share of nights where all of my friends decided to go out and I genuinely had no desire to step one foot outside my apartment. And guess what… that’s OKAY! Some people on the Instagram and tTwitter seriously hype up drinking and partying to an extreme level. It’s almost sick because those posts create a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) for no reason at all. It’s understandable that you had a wrong week with school and need a mental break. If going out is a mental break for you, awesome. But if it’s not, thats fine too. Sometimes we need to just sit on the couch or in our bed watching Netflix for six hours straight. It’s okay to not want to go out even if your friends do. If they’re your real friends- they won’t care. They’ll still love you for you!

2. I definitely don’t regret going out those nights.

Yes, I know. I just said it’s okay to not go out, but girl… it’s definitely okay to also have a little bit of fun. You deserve this time to be carefree. College is one of those times in a person’s life where they have so much responsibility yet none at all at the same time. Enjoy this time with your friends. Go out on a Tuesday. Do you boo.

3. Live with your friends.

This was one of the best decisions that I made throughout my college career. They always say “never live with your best friend”, however, living with my best friend was amazing. We were so close before but living together truly created a bond that we never knew we could have. You have so many special memories together that you won’t have with anyone else in your life simply because you lived with them. At times you feel so but the joy and happiness truly outweighs all of the possible negatives from the experience.

4. Live alone.

I also lived alone for two years of college… I had many experiences with roommates as well as living independently. Living alone shows your strengths and weaknesses at begin an adult on your own, and in all honesty… it truly helped me grow up a little bit. One of the best perks of living alone is that you have your own space to yourself at all times. You’ll never be worrying about roommates being home, sharing bathrooms, cooking dinner around someone else… it’s a different feeling for sure- freedom and independence.

5. Be passionate about what you’re studying.

I was one to change my major a few times throughout college. I came into college as a vocal music education major and continued with it for three years, then I decided that I wanted to be an esthetician for my career. I didn’t want to completely drop out of college because of all the work I had already put into my degree, so I changed to vocal performance to ease my work load a little while finishing up my schooling before moving onto esthetics. But then, my advisor offered me a different major that could allow me to graduate an entire semester early! So I changed once again. My point is that you should go to college with an idea of what you want to study, and love it. Its a waist of money to be an undecided major for two years… yes you can get your general education courses out of the way, but that truly only takes one full year, and honestly taking all of those core classes will burn you out because you’re not studying anything you truly love. You’re studying math, english, writing, history, etc… some of those subjects are bound to be unenjoyable at times, and when you only study those for a really long time, you end up getting burnt out of college. Have an idea of what you want to study before you come to college. It’s okay to change your major, but it’s also important to keep your classes focused and interesting throughout your entire college experience.

6. Enjoy yourself through this short time of your life.

College is such a precious time in your life. Don’t take it for granted. I’m sure you have heard this many times before but seriously, its insanely true. It gets me teary eyed knowing that this amazing period of my life is coming to an end.

Get involved. Meet people you normally wouldn’t interact with. Have fun. Study HARD. Believe in yourself. Keep trying. Try again. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Have courage. Find your passion and run with it.


I hope you enjoyed my reflection… xoxo


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