How to Become Organized

Let’s face it… being disorganized is something a lot of people struggle with. Whether you’re a college student, single, family of five, or newly married- we all struggle with it.

I myself have had those times in my life where I just had WAY too much going on (classes, music, YouTube, college life) that drifted me away from having a clean and organized life. Functionality is an aspect of a living space that I’ve always wanted, but never seemed to acheive.

When reorganizing a living space, whether you’re renting a studio apartment or own a six bedroom house, it can be daunting. Just simply taking the first step is one of the hardest things to overcome throughout this process. It can seems as easy as thinking “I need to reorganize my life” and then being able to just DO IT- but being able to do so AND making the consistent change in your lifestyle is never an easy obstacle for anyone.

Today I’m going to give you my personal tips and tricks for finding your version of organization and how to achieve it. No person is the same when it comes to their personal space(s), so take these tips and run with them. Make them your own!

Realization (write it down)

Realizing that you have an issue with your living space is the first thing you need to discover. Write down all of the things you want to change, and be specific! You’ll thank yourself later.

When any organization ideas flow through your head throughout the day, you need to store those thoughts in a reliable place: in your phone, a notebook, white board, anything physical and visual. Make sure it’s a place you can refer to often!

These ideas can be about how you want to organize your space (drawers/shelves/etc.), where you want your items to be (under the window/by the couch/etc.), and what its purpose is (decoration/work space/etc).

Figuring out your style can be a process in itself… take as much as you need! Being able to visualize how you want your space to be is SO important. For some people, the realization process can either be extremely easy or difficult. However, initiating that first step into physically reorganizing is what’s truly challenging to most people.

Start small

No matter how little or big your organizational skills are, starting small is a good way to get your feet wet and being the process. Start with a messy drawer, your bathroom vanity, medicine cabinet, anything containable and not overly visually stimulating.

Creating small projects rather than attacking the whole entire space at once can ease the brain and let your focus be completely on the one thing you have in front of you.

With the list of ideas you made for your space, pick one idea and fully run with it. If you do this to all of your ideas throughout time, all of your living spaces will be well executed and perfected from the amount of focus you put on it by itself.

Get it out

Get it out. You heard me! Get that clutter OUT!

We all have things that we probably don’t need in our lives but we keep for whatever reason we make up in our head.

I understand keeping things that have value…I’m talking about the junk that you buy and find months later but forgot you even had it. That item obviously wasn’t too valuable, was it? This applies to clothes too…

Clutter causes stress. My rule of thumb is if you haven’t used an item in the past year, get rid of it (or donate it!)

We as humans create emotional attachments to inanimate objects (clothes, shoes, purses, electronics, etc.) but we as humans need clarity and can be more efficient when there is less in front of us. Oh yeah, those shoes you haven’t worn in three years? That jacket that hasn’t seen the light of day? That dress that still has the tag on it? Donate it.

Less is more

I’m always the first one to say “Actually, no. More is more”. That usually applies to my highlight…

But when it comes to being organized, I truly believe that less is more. The less stuff you have in a space, the more light and airy the space becomes.

If you’re working with an extremely small space, try implementing items that have dual purposes (i.e. desk with drawers, shelves instead of art on wall space, taller bed frame for underneath storage, etc.)

Essentially, the less that you have leaves more room for opportunity and creativity.

Make it comfortable

No matter which route you take your space, making it comfortable is the most important aspect. I’m not just referring to the sitting and lounging furniture pieces that you choose, but also the aesthetic your space provides.

Are you traditional, modern, country, minimalistic, glamorous? There are endless style and aesthetic options. You want your space to be inviting and a place where you feel “at home” in your element.

Being comfortable in your own home is what truly matters. No matter where you are in the reorganization process, I promise that if you just stay on top of it and have faith, you’ll get to the end result you’ve been dying for.

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog! I hope my experiences and tips can help you through your organizational journeys.

Be sure to stay tuned for my next post!






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