And I’m Back!

I know… it’s been awhile, two months actually. My life has been super crazy busy with college, school work, performances… This semester took a lot of time that I use to put towards the blog and YouTube but it just wasn’t realistic for my work load. But now it’s almost summer break and I CANNOT wait to get started again!! And better than ever!

This passion in my life is something I’ll never be able to let go of… seriously. Writing blogs and filming beauty videos are one my favorites things to do. But I want to add more for you guys.

Belle Beauty Blogs is going to also create blogs and videos about healthy lifestyles, improving your mental health, and love and relationships (as well as beauty, of course).

I’ve always found myself wanting to help others in any way that I could. Most of the time it typically dealt with their relationships with others, becoming a happier person, dealing with stress, etc. I want to empower everyone that feels the need for a friend to understand them and relate with. I want to be that person for you.

Today’s blog is just a catch up session. I’ll be back tomorrow with actual content that isn’t all about me or Belle Beauty!! I love you all very much! Be back tomorrow…



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